Paulk + Co is a Dynamic Fabrication Shop.

Paulk + Co specializes in Concrete, Stone and Metal fabrication.

At Paulk + Co, we never stop thinking.  Our designs are always improving.  We are specialists in high-performance concrete.  We cut and polish stone with precision.  We bend and weld metals to our liking.  We outfit restaurants and commercial spaces, enhancing their brand identity.  We work closely with our local community and our local Universities.  We refine interiors and create high-performance surfaces that our clients live on.  We occasionally build whole houses.  We make full use of innovative technologies while honoring old world craftsmanship.  We're probably more expensive than that other fabricator. Our hands are always dirty, and our clients always become our friends. 


Paulk + Co is an Art Space.

Paulk + Co has recently renovated our Art Space and we love to entertain, exhibiting different artists on a monthly basis. Paulk + Co enjoys collaborating with smart, creative people to achieve experiences like no other.

Paulk + Co books private parties, public events, community functions, fundraisers, and photoshoots.  We can do it all, from simply opening the doors for your grand idea to planning a turnkey event that no one will forget. Paulk + Co is skilled at promoting and marketing events - to make sure people are aware it's happening and to ensure that they want to attend.  Our publicly promoted functions often draw hundreds of people.


Paulk + Co Is Your Secret Weapon.

If you have a vision that others can't comprehend or fulfill, come talk to us.  We know how to make it happen.

510 Williams St - Downtown Knoxville - TN - United States - Earth

Justin Paulk     865-414-8641

By Appointment or chance.